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I've tried to arrange this site in a more-or-less narrative fashion.  As of initial activation, May 2005, it's incomplete, but the critical portion - feasibility - has been established.  The rest (95%?) is details.  I'll add them as the project progresses.

Part 1:  The idea:  Can one safely and practically turn the Prius into a source of electricity?

Part 2:  The investigation:  A description of the science project I undertook to find out.

Before exploring determining if Prius power is usable, one I had to find out if it was available, i.e, could one tap the Prius battery without adverse consequences such as software problems or vehicle damage. 

  • The battery pack "Prius Simulator":  To avoid damage to my new Prius, I started out with a "simulator."
  • The test equipment:  I'm an electronic test equipment (and eBay) junkie, so of course I had this stuff lying around.
  • The French waiter:  After putting all the bits together, I had to get it to the test subject.
  • Digging in:  You don't think the Prius battery terminals "conveniently located," do you?
  • What we're gonna do:  Nonetheless, we have to get to them.
  • Success:  A Prius with an outlet strip.
  • The test plan:  We've gotten to the electricity, can we use it?  Here's how I tried to find out.
  • Test data: Here's the raw data obtained in the test.
  • Conclusion:  And what it all means. 

Part 3:  We've got 220V DC.  That's great for lamps and toasters.  But what about the 'fridge?

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