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Here are some resources I discovered or had pointed out to me while researching and creating this web site.  It is not even remotely comprehensive!  You can find a lot more by doing a search yourself.  If you know of a site you feel would be valuable for others interested in this subject, let me know and I will add a link.

Commercial PriUPS!

Gary just pointed me to this.  A vendor of a PriUPS system that connects to the traction battery.  It's a 4kW "plug-out" system for under $2000.  Check the specs.  It only supplies 120V, so if you need 240V to run your well pump, furnace, or other essential appliances, you'll probably want to keep searching for an eBay UPS solution.

Time sensitive - Events

"Hybridfest"  -  22 July 2006 in Wisconsin  - An out-of-state adventure for you and your Prius (It's over!)

Prius Owners and Groups

Here's a guy who did all the collecting for me
Interesting Car and Driver article
This group wants to make the Prius even more electric
As does CalCars, adding batteries to get infinite mpg on short trips
The Autoblog site has current Prius news and discussions
Good technical discussions and more at and (registration required)
Here is a Prius driving simulator!  Extreme coolth
And a 12V version of the PriUPS idea.
Enormous list of Prius links.
A not quite so enormous list of "Fuel Efficient Vehicle" links
A guy who sent a proposal to Toyota to use the Prius for energy.  It was apparently ignored.
Another goodies site, mostly silly or unnecessary stuff, but Prius-centric.A host of Prius modifications from the "EVNUT" that says it all web site.
Tutorials on Prius mods and maintenance - "PriusDIY"

General Hybrid Vehicle Sites

News, links, owner views and postings for all hybrid manufacturers at
Blogs, current news, dealer recommendations and more at
The Hybrid Jungle is a community and resource with a message board, articles, and news.

Prius Technical Information

What's Going On as I Drive my Toyota Prius from Graham Davies who's been at this a long time
Ernst Schmidbauer also has made some interesting measurements and observations
Interesting and valuable diagnostic information including a CAN interface
And a scanner to get your own data
A mother lode of useful and interesting data:  With this you don't even need a Prius, you can just simulate your way to a destination.  Infinite mpg!
Useful specifications for the three generations of Prius battery.


Some background information on inverters in general
Even Toyota makes an inverter, but not for the Prius
Design your own
A Company that makes house UPS units.
A marine inverter that works on 144 Volts - For the Honda Civic?

Ham (Amateur Radio) Related Prius Information

WA8LMF has some good information on installing a radio transmitter in the Prius.
Bob, WB4APR suggests Prius Power for Field Day

Other types of Home "UPS" units - generators, etc.

A company that believes in a UPS for the home, although with a conventional UPS.  Possible source for electrical transfer hardware and switching.
Anderson power - High power connectors for DC
Onan generators
Honda Generators

Solar and Wind Power

Sharp solar systems

Electric and Semi-Electric Vehicles

Valuable information on grid-connection issues from AC Propulsion
And a site devoted to "Vehicle to Grid Power"
Add a bigger battery to your Prius
Information on adding a bigger battery to your Prius
These guys have California approval to modify your Prius to a PHEV
A homeowners guide to electric vehicles

And Now For Something Completely Different

I sustained an email from John about his "ecotourism" holidays.

We're located at Ecotourism Holidays. Our site's new, but our general outline will be a resource for low environmental footprint travel and suggestions of locations with clean tourism tactics already in place.

It looks interesting and I would like to think that they offer the Prius as one of the car hire options.  I'm further of the hope that a Cadbury Creme Egg will be delivered in due course for this high-profile mention.

Ham Radio Logging Software

I've been using :LOGic software to keep track of my DXCC status, ham awards, and contacts ever since I retired my HP Vectra with the Viper Rocky Mountain Basic card in 1990 or so.  I think it would be fair to say that Dennis, the LOGic guru, knows a lot more about computer logging programs, if not not necessarily Rocky Mountain Basic, than I do.  They're up to version 9.

  LOGic ham radio software

It is my pleasure to paste his code, which results in the image above, right where I did.


Does the Prius make financial sense?  My favorite financial dude Andrew Tobias occasionally writes on the subject, but you'll have to find the individual columns yourself.

Driving, and The Audi Brake Scandal:  P.J. O'Rourke explains everything in Parliament of Whores.  Only tangentially related, but a must-read.         

A few (quite a few) words, albeit pretty basic, about cars, cars, insurance, and cars.

Comprehensive reviews of "green" cars.  At the moment, the Chevy Volt is front and center (amid the blinking ads, to be sure.) 


Thanks to the indefatigable Michael Grace for finding a lot of this stuff and sending it while the western world sleeps.

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