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Son Of PriUPS

Since starting this project I have heard from and corresponded with a number of people who had questions and comments on the technical aspects of implementing a PriUPS system.  Unlike the FAQ, which is of general interest, most of these missives were from people either interested in replicating the project in one form or another, or taking me to task about my lack of knowledge, thoughtfulness, or, in many cases, sanity.  I did my best to answer them, and am pleased to note that a few folks are on their way to having a Prius-powered house.  Here are links to progress reports I have received.  If you are working on a PriUPS and would like it mentioned here, send me photos and a narrative.

Charlie's PriUPS

Charlie put together a system using similar to my "Large System A" using an HP/Compaq R3000XR and two Cherokee power supplies.  Here are the details and photographs of his implementation.

Chris's PriUPS

Chris decided to take the same full route that I did, minus (unsurprisingly) the computer instrumentation.  He got a refurbished 10kW UPS and connected it through a couple of diodes to his Prius.

Garry's PriUPS

While he is working on bringing up his Liebert 6kVA supply, the Prius is powering a 2.2kW APC supply via an intermediate 48VDC rectifier supply.

Gary's PriUPS

For a change of pace, here's a Microsoft Power Point presentation, including pix, of a presentation by Gary in Jackson, Wyoming.  (If you don't have Power Point, you can get a free viewer download here.) UPDATE - October 2017 - Gary has also done a YouTube presentation, one benefit of which is that it isn't Power Point!

Bill's PriUPS- Update: This sytem is for sale. His email address at the dot com Gmail is bill.kitchman .

Bill and I have been corresponding about his project for quite a while.  He is a consulting engineer who numbers among his accomplishments the construction of his own helicopter kit.  You might guess that he's done an excellent and elaborate job on his PriUPS.  You'd be right.

Seng-Poh's PriUPS

Seng-Poh is a man of many projects, and his PriUPS went very smoothly.  Read about it and the rest on his own web site.

Doug's PriUPS

Here's some valuable information on alternative UPS units.  Doug has tested a number of them and learned some (hopefully inexpensive) lessons.  His system is good for 6000 VA and 4200W on his 2008 Prius..

Mark's PriUPS

Mark has a small shed, solar cells, a UPS and a Prius.  He's working to make it an off-grid family retreat.

Bob Bruninga's PriUPS and FrankenVolt and a Whole Lot More

Bob, WB4APR, has written extensively on Vehicle-to-Home power, and has converted a Volt to a VoltUPS. His web site has some very valuable information including a perhaps more comprehensive version of my own exegesis of arguments over EVs, PriUPS, and more.

Betty's PriUPS (I've disabled this link as the situation may change.  Stay tuned!)

A somewhat different situation here, which might turn into yet another heading.  Betty's husband started work on the project but couldn't complete it.  In addition, he was working on making a Plug-In Hybrid of his Prius, and she has some Prius batteries  and a big UPS for sale.  Take a look.

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