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Bill's PriUPS

Bill has saved me a lot of trouble writing up his system.  His Facebook page covers the system in more detail and with more photographs than I would put here.  Quoting from his overview:

He ran into the same problem that I did with respect to the Prius voltage being incompatible with the UPS battery supply.  My UPS was content to run at a slightly lower battery voltage than his Deltec, so I only needed a 12V boost to the Prius battery.  Bill used Vicor modules as I did to add 38 volts.  His comments:

And some new info from Bill for March 2010, with some clever mods to his UPS.

I had finally buttoned up this project for good (FINALLY)...and thought I would summarize for you. You may recall I used a 12kW Deltec unit that turned out to be a super unit to work with, especially since I obtained the schematics. I ended up removing the Vicors, they weren't even needed. All I had to do was modify the DC battery bus voltage monitoring op amp circuit (first revision was incorrect) such that its output was bypassed (switchable) in favor of a 1k pot, allowing up to 15vdc output to the cpu. Then I could simply adjust the pot to anything I wanted to, well almost. Anything over 300vdc caused a shutdown, so I set it at 297v or so, now the countdown to shutdown display varies from days to about 45 minutes, never below, based on the max 5.5kW I had loaded the thing down to. Should i need more adjustment, it also monitors the DC battery current, I could modify its circuit the same way.
So should you run into anybody else looking into using one of these, tell 'em it will work fine.

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