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Excerpt from New York Times Magazine section, "Pimp My Prius" article, by Andrew Tilin.  Published 25 September 2005. 

Am I "The Paranoid?"  No, but I have no complaint about the appellation although some suggested I should whine about being so-designated.  This is what makes the Times so entertaining!  Natural disasters, terrorist strikes and spikes in demand all have occurred in very recent history.  I prefer to think of others as "The Ostrich." 

Incidentally, the other Prius enthusiasts who shared space in the article with me have interesting web sites as well:

"The Electricity Fiend" - Ron Gremban of CalCars
"The Fuel Watcher" - Attila Vass
"The Video Jockey" - David Watson of Coastal Electronics Technologies
"The Prober" - Wayne Brown

Nice mention in
"New Years Resolutions"
on 06 January 2006

I was checking the server logs on Sat (04 Feb 2006) when I noticed that I was suddenly getting more hits in a few hours than in the average week.  I had no idea why, but finally found that these guys had given the site a "Link of the Day."  Thanks!  (I think.)
Wired Magazine ran a nice feature on "How To Turn Your Prius Into a Backup Generator" in the August 2006 issue.
Not just a small paragraph this time, but a full article by columnist Peter Applebome in the New York Times of 20 September 2006.  And it was followed up on the same day by an interview on WCBS AM.
In the Sunday Times Auto Section of 02 September 2007, Jim Motavalli, author, editor, and frequent Times contributer, anointed me with the title "guru."  He did so in an article "Power to the People: Run Your House on a Prius."  If you don't subscribe, here's an excerpt from the text.

And here is another article in Car Talk by Jim Motavalli, this time mentioning the Nissan Leaf as a candidate power supply for the home.
The venerable magazine QST, the official journal of the ARRL (the national association for amateur (Ham) radio, devoted a large portion of the "Eclectic Technology" column to the PriUPS project in the October 2007 issue.

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