PriUPS Update 16 Dec 2017


Just Short of a Decade

My last "update" was in December of 2007, and I haven't had all that much to say since then, at least not about PriUPS.  I've had entirely too much to say about other subjects, but that is what my blog is for. Notwithstanding the blog's idiosyncratic contents, including nation-wide reviews of Linzer tortes, my 2006 take on issues bedeviling us now, including surveillance, network neutrality, who won the election, and many more, there is some electric content lurking therewithin. The word "curate" has been gaining popularity, and I shall attempt to do so, below, with respect to any PriUPS-relevant content of this web site published since the last update at the end of 2007.

Where's Richard?

In 2012 we moved from beautiful but winter-infested Kinnelon, New Jersey to even more beautiful Sedona, Arizona. I traded in the 2005 Prius that is the subject of most of this site's examples and tests for a blue 2012 Plug-in Prius. By then the 2005 Prius had about 120k miles, and they told me that it was almost time to have the front brake pads replaced. For the first time. The disks and rear pads were just fine, and there were no unexpected maintenance events. I am no longer a commuter, so the new Prius in five years has accumulated only about 35k miles and it, too, is holding up just fine in the benign Arizona weather. I'm hoping to keep it until autonomous driving is a reality.

PriUPS-relevant or Otherwise Notable Blog Content, 2008-2017

Charging the Plug-in Prius with Solar Power


If you're reading this, perhaps you're working on a PriUPS of your own.  If you get a system operating, please send info and pictures, and join the others who have documented their project on this site

Although I declared this project to be "finished" in 2006, you can see that it really isn't and maybe never will be.  See you in 2018, which I hope will be a fun and prosperous one for us all.

rcf 16 December 2017