05 February 2023
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Nuclear Energy. Really!

It Is My Privilege to Commit a Presentation

to a bunch of guys in a club of which I'm a member. This presentation is to be in a few days, and is on the subject of nuclear energy. I often start my blogitems with disclaimers, and this one is no exception: I am not an expert on nuclear energy. (If I were, you'd have to take my idea of using reactor waste to heat your swimming pool seriously. I don't recommend that you do that.) The idea for the presentation was occasioned by the nuclear fusion "breakthrough" reported on 13 December of 2022. I may have received this assignment by being especially vocal about what it all meant, or maybe it was just my turn.

Either way, I have to say something, and I do believe I could summarize everything my group needs and wants to know in a couple of minutes, which period would even be sufficient for a Q&A. But if you have even the slightest acquaintance with this blog, you know I have the gift of babble, and can be gratuitously discursive*. Although my "assignment" is to talk about fusion and maybe throw in a fission or so, my guys are not science people, so I thought I'd expand it to include "energy,"

Q: You mean, like, E=mc^2?**
A: Yes, I'm afraid so.
Q: Do you seriously expect a bunch of lawyers and other business types to stick around?
A: Of course they will. When I'm done, lunch will be served.

Also, if you have the slightest acquaintance with this blog, you know that I fanatically practice

Conservation of Text

I'm hardly going to prepare words and even visual aids without taking multiple advantage of them. Furthermore, I haven't done PowerPoint in decades yet I practically generate hyperlinks in my sleep. So, please forgive me if I defer my next CES report for a few days and press forward with my lay discourse on




* If you don't believe me, just count my asterisks.
** This equation involves Big Numbers—so big that errors aren't intuitively obvious. Please check my math!

Update 01 July 2023

Physics Today recently had a far more competent, authoritative, and comprehenisve article on the fusion breakthrough.

Richard Factor


"Mrs. McKenzie"

Janis Ian


Not the version from the Society's Child album, which I've listened to since my teens, but something newer. Maybe the whole album has been re-recorded? Hmmm..





I've been to Florida too many times to remember where or when I got this.


I have the unfortunate habit of referring to Florida as "God's waiting room." Mr. Orange certainly belies that contention, at least as far as attitude is concerned.


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