07 Dec. 2006
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Linty The Frog

It started, as all too many thing seem to, with a bellow of "OhMyGod."  There was a blotch on the recently-cleaned kitchen floor, and when my housemate, properly indignant about this errant dust, went to pick it up, it moved!  Seems that when she brought in the plants for the winter, there was a hitchhiking tree frog.

Linty the Frog - disguised as a dust froggy You can see how poor little Linty could have been mistaken for dusthe probably ran under a furniture on the way to the kitchen where he was found.


Linty the Frog - unfolded. But he's fully froggy here!
Linty the Frog - ready to return to nature. All cleaned up and ready to hop!  We're going to take him outside later to do whatever frogs do after they survive their accidental indoor adventure.

I was initially surprised when Linty was identified in the Book as a "grey tree frog."  The top two photos, taken just after he was found, looked pretty green to me.  (You'd be green, too, I suppose, if you ran through a dust bunny five times your size.)  But I guess that great Painter in the Sky restored him to normal in time for his return to the wild. 

'Bye, Linty!

NP:  "Earthshine" - Rush  (Enough nostalgia, already!)

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