Connect Prius Checklist

Get the Prius KEY


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  1. Open center garage Door
  2. Inspect center bay for obstacles and remove if necessary
  3. Park Prius in center section, nose in, as close to wall as convenient

Initialize Prius to provide power

Start the Prius

Press Climate button on center console and turn climate control OFF

Press PWR button on center console to turn audio system OFF

Turn Argus OFF by holding the knob in for several seconds

Connect the Prius to the UPS

NOTE:  There are high voltages present on the connector.  Although it isn't easy to touch the contacts, it's not impossible.  Be careful.

  1. Lower rear driver side window
  2. Fold down rear seat on driver side
  3. Mate the "extension cord" connector the now-exposed connector that was on the side of the seat cushion

Confirm power is being supplied by the Prius

Look on top of the UPS in the furnace room.  There is a box with two meters next to each other.  The right-hand meter (UPS battery) should always be reading about 2/3 full scale (relative reading).  When the Prius is connected and turned ON, the left-hand meter should also be reading about 2/3 full scale.