A major problem affecting the reliability of the previous incarnation of the W2ETI beacon was unreliable power.  Because the amplifier took a lot of power, it was regarded as impractical to furnish it with an uninterruptible power supply.  Since then, I've learned a lot about "industrial strength" power and UPS units while pursuing my "PriUPS" project whose site is hosting this beacon site as well.  I found that for a very modest cost I could furnish a UPS for an entire house!  Getting a 230V UPS for the beacon amplifier was a relative piece of cake, and almost free as such things go.

Now that there is reliable and uninterruptible power, the computer doesn't have to be ultra cautious about shutting down the beacon at any hint of power problems.

On the bottom is a 230V 3KW UPS made by Hewlett Packard.  This runs the ampliflier long enough for the generator to kick in. 

On the left are two 400W APC UPSes that run everything else, again until the generator kicks in.

One hopes that the interruptions suffered by the previous incarnation of the beacon will not be caused by power glitches.