01 June 2009
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The Annual Mulchometer

Who says there's no such thing as "progress"?

Coming of the Mulch 16 April 01 May
01 May 21 May The Great Nibbler Retires

I say there's no such thing as a mulch contest.  At least not this year.

But there is a little more parking.

End of the Month Deadline

So this guy walks into a Verizon store.  He's prepared to whine to anyone who will listen about how vexed he is, and how absurd and embarrassing it is to Verizon that the wonderful/abysmal BlackBerry Storm hasn't had an upgrade since its introduction last year.  As he begins orating his screed, one of the Verizontals tries to say something.  Whiner though he is, he's a polite one, and forms a pool of silence into which her words may flow.  Those words were, in essence:

There is an update coming out.  Today.  At 15:00.  (Today being, in non-blog time, yesterday, 31 May, Sunday.)  That was specific enough that I almost believed it despite the string of "this weeks" I had previously been offered.  It proved to be correct. 

I have loaded the new software and should know in a few days how far it goes toward ameliorating this past half-year's frustration with the Storm.  Based on nothing more than the time of releaseSunday on the last day of the monthI have a hunch that someone at Verizon gave the software team a deadline which they reached by dint of compromise and shoddy QC.  But, optimist that I am, I won't mention that, and will try to find something positive to say about the upgrade in the next week or so.

"Decision For Lost Soul Blue"
The Free




This advertising T-Shirt from Tektronix was presumably to get one thinking about their line of logic analyzers.  But it inexorably reminds me of the sticky squeezebrain that was part of the swag from another show.

Tektronix T-shirt add for their Logic Analyzer
Richard Factor

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