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03 Sept. 2006
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There is a fun site on the web called the Pseudodictionary.  I amuse myself (and, presumably, their editors) by making the occasional submission.  Here's an updated list:

ikeage - Ikeage is the pile of cardboard, plastic bags, and Allen wrenches you have after unpacking your Scandinavian furniture.

e.g., While assembling my multi-module desk I realized I was short an important metal connector and had to scramble through the heap of ikeage to find it.

iwonic - Winning a contest or a prize for which the entry or the winner is totally unsuited. Winning a promotion for which one isn't competent.

e.g., That blind guy winning the set of historical silent movie videos was about as iwonic as Elmer Fudd winning an elocution contest.

macrutiae - Significant details, large items -- the opposite of minutiae. (Also "Macrutia.")

e.g., Gas mileage and price are macrutiae to consider when buying a car.

monversation - A "monversation" is occurring when two people are ostensibly having a conversation, but one is doing all the talking, and the other is reduced to emitting the occasional "Uh-huh." If this is done over the telephone, the Monversometer (www.PriUPS.com/riklblog/aug06/060824-monversometer.htm ) offers a valuable alert.

e.g., The best you can do is have a monversation with him. He talks and talks and you can't get a word in edgewise.

podinar - Just as the execrable "webinar" is formed from "seminar," a "podinar" is a podcast of a webinar or seminar. I thought of this while contemplating "thons" at http://www.priups.com/riklblog/060510-thoninar.htm

e.g., I wanted to review the seminar my professor had recorded, so I converted it to a podinar and listened while on the treadmill.

potate - This is what "couch potatoes" do. (Pronounced PO'tate, as described at: www.PriUPS.com/riklblog/060327-potate.htm ). This one almost made it to NPR.

e.g., I don't want to help! I'm just going to turn on the teevee, grab some chips, and potate for the rest of the evening.

sililoquy - When one is babbling about something silly, and nobody is paying attention, it's a "sililoquy." This, of course, is a one-letter-changed version of soliloquy. I created it in my "To Blog or Not To Blog" entry here: www.PriUPS.com/riklblog/060518-sili.htm

e.g., He was expatiating on the use of Venus Flytraps as a substitute for insecticide, but for all the attention we were paying, it might have been a sililoquy. {ED. Nice use of "expatiate."}




Richard Factor