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18 June 2006
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Cold War Week

I had a plan.  It was to declare a "Cold War Week" on my blog and expatiate on this remarkable series of Soviet stamps, vintage 1990, i.e., right before there was no more CCCP.  But two problems arose:  I'd have to pick a holiday week, since one of them died in 1942 and doesn't qualify as a cold warrior.  Worse, I would have to declare a second holiday for the week since I can't figure out who they all are.  I even briefly violated my "no research" rule and tried Google and Wikipedia with various transliterations.  I nonetheless remain ignorant.

So this is a "bonus" for which you will have to work.  When I've identified them all, I'll implement my plan.  This, incidentally, along with the Great Kopeck Caper, circumscribes my philatelic tendencies.

Meet the notorious Kim Philby.   The only non-Russian in the bunch, he was probably the most damaging of the Cambridge spies.
E.D. Koodrya?  HELP!

Progress:  In English it's Ivan Kudrya


S. A.  Vaoopshasov?  HELP!

Progress:  In English it's Stanislav Alekseevich Vaupshasov

Looks like the transliterators turned "y" (oo) into a "u" with the effect of depriving Stan of a syllable.

Konon Molody is known to the West as Gordon Lonsdale, a mock-Canadian who moved to England to ply his trade.
Rudolf Abel was a spymaster, captured in NYC in 1957 and ultimately exchanged for Francis Gary Powers, the U2 spy plane pilot. 
Richard Factor